Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Polka Dot Queen! I am back for good, I promise!!!!

Heyyy Everyone!!!! OH dear my life is too crazy right now! So I went to church camp and have been so busy since. 4th of July was fabulous! We had some friends over and BBQ! It was a great fellowship!
So this last weekend our dog Hutch died! :( It was a sad day!! Its okay he is in puppy heaven now! ha!
My sister is a fellow blogger and she is starting a small side buisness and she is soooo talented!!! Everyone go and visit her blog and check out what she is offering!!
So click here and check it out!!
Here are a few pictures of her work!

I will be back to blog some more! My sister and my sweet little nephew and my brother and his wife will be coming down this weekend! Some boating and beaching will be taking place!!!!!

Love to you all!