Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Decor and Projects

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on! I have been working on my spring decor. I have some real cute bunnies! AND I made my spring wreath. I hope you guys enjoy!

Okay here is what I have been working on, making my husbands "man" room into a guest bedroom! My wonderful husband sanded and painted the bed black. I am not totally done decorating yet. Its a working progress!

And is my spring decor that I have been working on too! My Easter bunnies! More to come!

Everyone have a blessed Thursday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Projects and Anniversaries!

New projects are going on in my house! Its a MESS! Sam had a "mans room" in our house and he decided he wanted to make it into a bedroom. Thank goodness we had a headboard and foot board! We are putting it all together tonight! So, pictures will be up soon enough!

Sam and I have a ONE year anniversary coming up next week! We are so excited. We are going on a little trip. We are going to head up to San Antonio and stay on the Riverwalk and have a relaxing time and just enjoy each other! Praise God!
Here is a pic of me on my wedding day with my mom! I love you MOM! Thank you for making my day so SPECIAL! XOXO

OHH!!! And I have a birthday coming up too! April 16th!! i am so excited too! My brother and his wife and my mom are going to come see me! (My dad is going on a fishing trip! BOO!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter/Spring Decor

Okay, so I have been running around getting all my Easter/Spring stuff out! Wheww! I am not totally done, I am still trying to look for some Bunnies! I dont have any at all! BOO! Oh well! I have some pictures here to share with you! I hope everyone is having a great week.

This weekend I am going to pick up my new piano. My grandmother gave it to me! I am so excited! My mom and aunt both grew up learning how to play on it.

P.S. Doesn't everyone just LOVE Extreme Home Makeover!? LOVE IT!
Here is my buffet table with my Spode- Delamere collection dishes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dishes!
This is my FAVORITE table EVER!

My center piece for my kitchen table. Silver/deerhorn tray. My husband thinks its the coolest thing ever! (he is a hunter)

This is on top of my China cabinet. (Another piece I will be painting soon! ) And more Spode!

The inside of my China cabinet. More Spode with a bunny in the middle! So cute! And antler salt and pepper shakers! Husband also loves those!

And my mantel! The turquoise plate I found at the thrift store!

Everyone have a blessed week!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello! I know its been so long! I have been WAY busy. Life is good though!

So, I was going through some pictures from my spa days! I miss those days. I am an Esthetician. (skin care therapist) I use to work in a Medical Spa, doing laser hair removal, facials, wax, botox....etc. It was a BLAST! We had a great team! But, the Lord had bigger and better plans for me, like meeting my husband! He is so adorable, I must say! I now work with his family and their family business. C-side Decorating, Inc. Which is perfect cause I LOVE decorating! It is hard at times but so much fun! Anyway, I found some pictures from when I worked at the Medical Spa.

Okay, this picture makes me miss my hair!

HAHA! Yes, our shirts say Botox! :)

OKay, so I found another picture about 2years ago, when Sam and I met and were dating.

Two years ago Sam came down to spend Easter with me and my family. We had a tradition in my family, we always dyed easter eggs. So I made Sam dye Easter eggs with me! He was such a trooper! So Sweet!

There are our Easter eggs! :)

I have been working on putting my Easter stuff out! I will be making a Spring Wreath here pretty soon! Everyone have a great week!

Monday, March 2, 2009


OKAY! So my wonderful sister in law made me this sweet button!

Add it to your blog! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thrift Store Fun!

Sam and I went thrifting yesterday! We found some really awesome stuff! I'd never been before, it was so much fun! Then we got busy and my wonderful husband painted a dresserfor me. My grandparents gave me a dresser that was my moms when she was a little girl. It was in GREAT shape just needed to be clean and needed alittle paint! I decided to put this dresser in my guestroom. And I got to use most of my thrift store findings!! WARNING: Lots of pictures!


After: In my guestroom
Alittle blurry. The cross above the new dresser was a wedding gift, and it is from Mexico. One of my favorite crosses.

The turquoise piece, the candle holder, and the little heart piece are all from the thrift store.

This is one of my favorite pieces that I found yesterday. So pretty! I got it for like $5.00!

I found this adorable egg at the thrift store. I actually found another one with blue. Is it too early to put easter stuff up?!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

Love, Emily