Friday, January 30, 2009

The Shabby Nest Grand Opening Giveaway!

Today is The Shabby Nest's Grand Opening! Her Esty store opens today! You must check it out!

She has so much talent! She actually draws all these wonderful designs. Isn't that just the coolest thing EVERRRRR! She is great and has so many ideas. So you have until Sunday, SO hurry enter to win!
She is giving away this super cool scrabble pendent necklace!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Missing My Family.....

It is FRIDAY! Woo! I am a little sad though, I am missing my family a bit. We are all spread out through out Texas. I am originally from South South Texas. That is where Mom and Dad live. And my big brother and his wife live in Medina, Texas, the land of the beautiful Hill Country. And of course I miss my sister and her husband and my sweet sweet lil' Everett! They live in Dallas, Texas. Sam and I are in South Texas on the coast. So, we are kinda far from everyone but my mom and dad. They are about 3 hrs away.

I just really miss them all! We don't get to see eachother much. Mom and Dad bought a Ranch in Medina, Texas. A place were we can all just meet in the middle! It is a blessing.

I just wanted to share some pictures and favorite moments we all have had together!

*Also, Ladies be in prayer this weekend. Our Church is having a Women's Retreat starting tonight and through out the weekend. I am apart of the Worship Band. I am going to be leading some music...well we are all going to be leading several songs. Just pray for the Worship and the women that will be there. Pray that the Lord speaks to all of us this weekend. Pray that his Glory will fall and that we will never be the same again. Let this also be a great time of fellowship. I am alllll about making new friends!! WOOHOO! Thank you!

Mom and Dad

Dad with Everett at the Ranch.

My sister and her cute little family.

My brother and his wife at my wedding.

My sweet lil nephew. He loves books!

The whole gang at the ranch!

Its Free Giveaway Friday at Pink Potpourri! So, go visit here and enter to win!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Heart One World Giveaway!


So I just discovered One Heart One World! What a great Event! And a fabulous way to meet other and connect with them. What a blessing. This event has all kinds of crafts, handmade jewelery, paintings...etc. And the cool thing is that EVERYONE can be involved! I am so excited to be able to meet new people and have "blog friends"! WOOHOOO!!

Here are the must be an active blog member to throw your name into the hat and you must leave me with a way to get a hold of you. My offering is two sets of some wonderful and fun serving pieces.

Here is one of the sets with blue glass beads.

Here is the second set with freshwater pearl all around them. Very classy.

So hurry go leave your comments!!!

Good Luck!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayer Requests

If you haven't yet, pray for baby Harper! She is now 3 days old. Kelly's Korner is where you can get updated on her full story. What an amazing story her and her family now have. God is using them! Kelly did mention that there are so many families and babies that have no one to pray and love on them. She has asked to pray for all the babies in NICU and their families all over the country.

My Sam and I will be going to my hometown to help my family move my grandparents out of their home and into assisted living. This is going to be hard on my Granny and not so much my Papa Ed. He is rather excited! So please be in prayer for peace in their hearts in their new home. Pray that they will feel at home in the new place. And pray for friendships to be developed as well. They are just sweet people and so special. I love them dearly!

My Papa Ed and Granny with my sister and my sweet nephew Everett.

This is my Granny and I. So Sweet!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wreath Making!

Thursday night I made a Valentine's Day wreath. It doesn't have any hearts on it or anything. I went to Hobby Lobby and got some red hydrangeas and red peonies and of course some red berries! I got a grapevine wreath as well. It was pretty simple. Anyway, I just wanted to share my wreath with you guys! Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Love Nest

Hey Hey Guys!
My camera isn't charging still, But I got Sam's camera and I went crazy!
I took some pics of things I have been up to and things Sam and I having been doing to our home. Sam inheriated this house from his grandmother after she passed away. The house is an older home so, it needs some updates. We just redid our Kitchen and I have Before and After pictures and I will be putting them up soon. Anyway, so I wanted to share these pics with you all. All of the new decor I just got is from Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, and Target. It has been so much fun!
I am still working on my living room, it still needs some things. My pics aren't the best, sorry some are blurry! Well, I hope you are blessed! Enjoy!

So here is my dining room. I added plates on the wall and added a lamp. These plates I got from Marshalls for $3.99.

Here is my Kitchen! I just wanted to show off my MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check!

Here is my new fridge! I love it. It has tons of space and storage!

Here is our bedroom. I love it now! I added the Duvett at the end of the bed and the floral pillows and the white shams.

Here is a picture up close!

Here is our NEW lamps! I let Sam pic out his own. He has pretty good taste!

These are some pictures I bought at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I know there is a horriable glare on them! Sorry!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday and wishing it was Friday!

Hello out there! I know it has been a couple of days. I just recently got to do some shopping. Woohoo! I have been decorating these couple of days. And I know, I have promised pictures and of course the one time I want to post pics my camera isn't charged and is taking FOREVER to charge. So hopefully just maybe I will have some pictures up and posted tomorrow. So keep your fingers crossed!

Well, everything has been going really well. I am just so ready for Friday!
Saturday night I am having a Birthday dinner party for my mother in law. I am going to take pics of that too!!! Hopefully if my camera is working. Thats really all that is new right now.

Again I am hoping my camera works in the morning! Stand by!!!

Lots and Lots of Love,

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wow, what an afternoon! Work, then 2 showers! It was nice to get to be with girls for the afternoon. When I got home Sam had 2 gifts for me! HE is so sweet and thoughtful. Pictures soon to come. Dont worry girls! We are going to see a movie this evening with some friends from church. We are going to see Bride Wars. Sam and I have been watching the trailers, we think it looks hilarious! It should be a fabulous evening.
So I have kind of been working on my living room alittle. I will have pictures of my house soon too. We just redid our Kitchen. And I can't wait to show it off!! Pictures coming soon!!!! My living room needs something.

OH, I was going through some pictures on my laptop and found some picture from our Wedding oh how time flies! So I am going to post somet pics up. ENJOY! Love and miss you guys!

This was my beautiful wedding cake. I loved it so much!

This was my husbands cake. So appropriate! He loves to hunt and being out at the ranch! So cute!

So, this is our super cool ice sculpture! It was such a blessing to have!

Me and My bridesmaids (my girls)!!

And the MOST amazing man ever! My groom.

I hope you guys enjoyed pictures of our special day!

Lots of Love,


Friday, January 9, 2009

The Weekend is Here!

Wooo! The weekend is here! This was the first week back after our 2 week hoilday. It actually was a fast and smooth week. We went to the grocery store ( I made Sam go with me) got food to stock up our NEW fridge. And we had band practice last night. Sam and I really tried to just relax after work this week. Sam went and rented movies and I cooked dinner, it was great!

This weekend we have planned out. Tonight we are going to Robstown with some friends and going to a Texas country concert. Love Texas country! Saturday we have to work and Sam is going to go golf. I have some showers to go to with Abigail and Lee. So a very productive Saturday. Then nothing like a Saturday night movie! Sam and I have been watching the trailers for Bride Wars. Looks so hilarious! Can't wait! Sunday, we have church! Woohoo! I love going to church. We are going to do 2 new songs. GREAT songs! That is our weekend. Just easy going. We still have to take down our Christmas lights outside, ugh! Which we will probably do on Sunday.

Love, Emily

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pictures of Emily and Sam

Us when all the magic started!!
A Fun Snap Shot!

Sam and I having a great time at Poor Man's Country Club!

We were at Max and Meagan's wedding.

April 5, 2008 Our wedding day.

The First Blog!

So, here is the first blog of Emily and Sam. Sam and I got married April 5th, 2008. Life is great. We are living in Rockport, Texas. God is Good! I will write some more later.