Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Decor and New Drapes

So, this is what I have been up to these days. Fall decor and NEW living room drapes! I originally ordered some fabric for some custom bedding. But, I found some other stuff i liked for my bed. SOOOO, I was stuck with all this fabric and so this is what I came up with....I LOVEEEEEEE my drapes so much!

New Drapes and a view of my coffee table tray.
My NEW Drapes!
Some Fall Decor.
Wooo! Don't you just love this turquoise cross!!! Its so fabulous! I got it today at a local store here.
More Fall Decor.
More Fall Decor. This is one of my favorites!

My kitchen table. I love pumpkins.
Jar of candy corn and pumpkins.

A corner in my kitchen.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!
Happy Saturday!

XOXO, Emily


Leslee said...

VERY pretty! Love the drapes.

Rachel said...

Oh how beautiful, Emily!! The drapes are beautiful and so are the other furnishings/decor! You are so gifted in that area, it definitely runs in your family!!

mallory said...

You are such a good little decorator! Love it! You are motivating me to put a little touch of fall in my house:) Hope you are having a happy monday!

Trina said...

Very cute decor!

I'm glad you're going to play along on the couple questionnaire! :)

(And I just realized I may have inadvertently stolen your tag line for my new blog name...I hope you don't mind!)

Kim at Polka Dot Thought said...

The table centerpiece is cute! Love the runner and how you folded it! Looks good.

Jennifer said...

Oh I absolutely love the drapes!!
Thanks for being a follower!

Liz said...

Everything looks lovely, and I ADORE those new drapes!