Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wow, what an afternoon! Work, then 2 showers! It was nice to get to be with girls for the afternoon. When I got home Sam had 2 gifts for me! HE is so sweet and thoughtful. Pictures soon to come. Dont worry girls! We are going to see a movie this evening with some friends from church. We are going to see Bride Wars. Sam and I have been watching the trailers, we think it looks hilarious! It should be a fabulous evening.
So I have kind of been working on my living room alittle. I will have pictures of my house soon too. We just redid our Kitchen. And I can't wait to show it off!! Pictures coming soon!!!! My living room needs something.

OH, I was going through some pictures on my laptop and found some picture from our Wedding oh how time flies! So I am going to post somet pics up. ENJOY! Love and miss you guys!

This was my beautiful wedding cake. I loved it so much!

This was my husbands cake. So appropriate! He loves to hunt and being out at the ranch! So cute!

So, this is our super cool ice sculpture! It was such a blessing to have!

Me and My bridesmaids (my girls)!!

And the MOST amazing man ever! My groom.

I hope you guys enjoyed pictures of our special day!

Lots of Love,



Brian said...

finally a wedding cake for a guy.


Emily said...