Friday, January 9, 2009

The Weekend is Here!

Wooo! The weekend is here! This was the first week back after our 2 week hoilday. It actually was a fast and smooth week. We went to the grocery store ( I made Sam go with me) got food to stock up our NEW fridge. And we had band practice last night. Sam and I really tried to just relax after work this week. Sam went and rented movies and I cooked dinner, it was great!

This weekend we have planned out. Tonight we are going to Robstown with some friends and going to a Texas country concert. Love Texas country! Saturday we have to work and Sam is going to go golf. I have some showers to go to with Abigail and Lee. So a very productive Saturday. Then nothing like a Saturday night movie! Sam and I have been watching the trailers for Bride Wars. Looks so hilarious! Can't wait! Sunday, we have church! Woohoo! I love going to church. We are going to do 2 new songs. GREAT songs! That is our weekend. Just easy going. We still have to take down our Christmas lights outside, ugh! Which we will probably do on Sunday.

Love, Emily


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey girl! I love your blog!