Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello! I know its been so long! I have been WAY busy. Life is good though!

So, I was going through some pictures from my spa days! I miss those days. I am an Esthetician. (skin care therapist) I use to work in a Medical Spa, doing laser hair removal, facials, wax, botox....etc. It was a BLAST! We had a great team! But, the Lord had bigger and better plans for me, like meeting my husband! He is so adorable, I must say! I now work with his family and their family business. C-side Decorating, Inc. Which is perfect cause I LOVE decorating! It is hard at times but so much fun! Anyway, I found some pictures from when I worked at the Medical Spa.

Okay, this picture makes me miss my hair!

HAHA! Yes, our shirts say Botox! :)

OKay, so I found another picture about 2years ago, when Sam and I met and were dating.

Two years ago Sam came down to spend Easter with me and my family. We had a tradition in my family, we always dyed easter eggs. So I made Sam dye Easter eggs with me! He was such a trooper! So Sweet!

There are our Easter eggs! :)

I have been working on putting my Easter stuff out! I will be making a Spring Wreath here pretty soon! Everyone have a great week!


Kaylee said...

make me a wreath too!!!